Support Services


Healthy Start Academy serves as the school-site learning laboratory for North Carolina Central University’s (NCCU) students who are majoring in speech, hearing and communications disorders. As a result, students benefit from the latest knowledge and intervention options. Robin Gillespie, Clinical Supervisor/Instructor, Communication Disorders, NCCU, oversees this service.


Our occupational therapy services address sensory processing and integration difficulties, motor coordination and perception difficulties to help students develop those skills at school and during their leisure time.

You may want to learn more about these services if your child:

  • seems overly sensitive or under reactive to touch, movement, sights, or sounds;
  • suffers from behavioral and/or emotional regulation challenges;
  • is easily overwhelmed;
  • has difficulty learning how to play or get along with other children;
  • has difficulty with everyday activities like eating, sleeping, brushing teeth or getting dressed;
  • has problems learning to color, cut, draw or write;
  • has difficulty transitioning from one activity or place to another;
  • had problems walking, jumping, or playing.

Occupational therapy services are provided by Emerge – A Child’s Place.


When a student experiences a crisis or needs a little boost of emotional support, we rely on The Aya Center’s professionals to work with our student and family. The Aya Center provides psychological and coaching support that is highly confidential, family-centered, and driven by the goals of the family.