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How to use Home Base | Power School

Home Base is North Carolina’s suite of robust digital classroom management tools and instructional resources for teachers, students, parents and administrators. Students can access their assignments and grades. They can tap into learning activities when they need to practice a specific skill. You can even view your student’s Healthy Start Academy school records here.

Each software tool that’s in Home Base is designed to enhance collaboration.

PowerSchool is the main student information system that you’ll use, which enables our educators to communicate with you quickly. You’ll go to PowerSchool each time you sign on. PowerSchool auto-populates your student’s information to the rest of the suite that includes:

  • Truenorthlogic for the teachers
    • Truenorthlogic offers tools designed to support the professional growth of K-12 educational leaders and teachers. These tools run our Educator Effectiveness system, which includes both educator evaluation and professional development.
  • Schoolnet
    • Schoolnet is a suite of data-driven education tools for instructional improvement that aligns your student’s assessment, curriculum and instruction with the NC Standard Course of Study; guides collaborative discussion and enables targeted instruction for every student. Educators now have, at their fingertips, more than 35,000 assessment items and more than 10,000 aligned, instructional resources, all approved by the Department of Public Instruction.
  • OpenClass
    • OpenClass is a learning management system that helps your student’s teachers bring social learning and collaboration to students. The 21st Century has ushered in a new way of working on teams, and we are teaching your students to thrive in this new collaborative style.

Before you can sign on to the Parent Portal, you will need your:

  • username (parent web ID), and
  • password (parent web password).

Both should have been provided by Healthy Start Academy. If you don’t have them, please contact the Main Office | Home Base coordinator via the button below.

Your Microsoft operating system should be running XP version 5.1 or later. A Mac operating system should be running OS X 10.4 Tiger or later.

Home Base Login Instructions