Study Resources

Current Events

Do you want to know what is happening in the world today? It’s interesting to read the news and then discuss what articles say with your parents, grandparents and other family members. It’s a great opportunity to learn how your family views world events.


Grades K to 2: Want someone to read you a book?

Did you know when grownups read to you, you learn to read better? On this website, famous actors and actresses read books to you.


Genre is a word your teacher will use to describe a style or category of writing. If you want to tell your friend about a good book you’ve read, you can save a lot of words if you know its genre, such as science fiction or mystery. You may find you like one genre better than another. Some students, for example, like biographies better than other non-fiction books.

A quick guide to genre:


Do you need to learn any math skills? Every person learns differently, and when you don’t understand a math problem, you may feel left out. Let’s fix that! Here are some great websites that teach math and answer math questions. These will help you learn the harder stuff as well as have a great day!


If you want to be even smarter than you are now, many of these websites are college-level! You’ll amaze everyone, and you’ll learn interesting details about history!

Computer Skills

When you want to hone your computer skills or jazz up your presentations, these sites can help.